Monday, October 27, 2008

Usability vs Art?

What is fashion art or just for wearing? I think its definitly both. Whether you mean to be artsy with your clothes or not most of the time you are. When it comes to art its how most people express themselves, I know I like to. Your more than likely not going to wear something thats not comfortable to you, if your sad you will prolly not wear something bright. The art form of clothing refers to the shape, color, texture, how it fits the body, etc. Where as usability is the place or occasion the outfit is being worn. Either way you are expressing yourself. I like to wear things that are noticed that look good and fit my body type and make me feel comfortable. I know thats how most people would like to dress. I think the Milan fashion show were absolutely wonderful this year, they were edgy and some over the top very interesting to watch and analyse, they were very artistic but yet they had alot of things people can wear in everyday life and still feel like they are expressing themselves with that clothing style. I think its very important for the wearer to feel good in their clothing while still try to portray that feeling or that mood and the clothes in the Milan fashion show allow just that.