Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Retailer

I would have to say the my favorite retailer is Forever 21. The store is just an all around great place to shop. It cheap, the clothes are very stylish, and they have a wide variety of style with jewelry, hates, belts, purses, shoes, you name it. If you are looking for a night out with your friends or just a typical day of going to class, they have all kinds of things to choose from. I love the fun and crazy environment the store has to offer. You walk in there and you know its going to be chaotic but what store usually isn't that has clothes cute and cheap all in one. I do have to say that the service in the store is not all that great and things can be hard to find but I'm typically not one to be bother when I am shopping. I like to do my own thing and just find what I find. I love going into the store to see what the mannequins have on and see what the latest creations are. I also love that the accessories and the clothes are seperate from each other. This makes finding things alot easier. And also shows their wide variety of what they have to offer. Forever 21 also has clothes for guys. So if you happen to be shopping with your boyfriend each of you could have that one stop shopping experience. Also I love that Forever 21 has its own website to order clothes online. Being from a small town I have to drive along way to get to one of the stores locations and that turns the shopping experience into not cheap. The online store has everything seperated from the New arrivals, to mens clothing, to forever21 specials, or you can even shop by outfit. They have the rocker look, classy, and even a preppy look. You name it they have it. They are very up to date on all their clothing and accessories. I like to try to keep up whats new also and Forever 21 allows me to do just that. And its "ALL" at affordable prices. Being the broke college girl that I am that is definitly one thing I look for in a store.

The best store I would have to say that I have shopped in was at a mall in Raleigh. The Forever 21 store located in this mall was HUGE. I just loved it. They had guys clothes, the accessorie section was huge and there looked like there was clothes for miles. I love to spend hours in this store. But they are also great for just a quick pop in if you just need a fashionable shirt or maybe just a sassy looking dress at a great price. Forever 21 is the place to be!!