Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Line in apparel and non-apparel

These images also representations of vertical lines. The apparel image appears to be similar in design to the non-apparel image. The blinds images resembles strong movement, while the fence images signifies potency and boldness.

In these images the lines created in the store creates direction. Also called "walks" leads the costumer around the store. The lines in the shoes wrap around the foot and ankle allowing direction to be pointed toward the leg.

In this image the lines in the back of the dress are alot like the lines in the railroad sign. Diagonal and horizontal lines creating flow and direction.

Implied lines do not actually exist in space. But we see them because of the visual process. In these images the buttons down the jacket and the drops down the leaf allows our mind to fill in the blanks, creating an invisible line.

These images represent horizontal and vertical lines. Horizontal usually meaning to appear calm, while vertical lines are more assertive and denote growth and strength.

These images represent hard structured lines. Lines with definition and points. Uniformity along the lengths.

In this image is an example of delicate, curved flowing lines. Diagonal lines imply movement or action. This is also and example where expressiveness complements the product.

This is an example of Contour lines, which are lines we draw to record boundaries we perceive in 3-D forms.