Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Line in apparel and non-apparel

These images also representations of vertical lines. The apparel image appears to be similar in design to the non-apparel image. The blinds images resembles strong movement, while the fence images signifies potency and boldness.

In these images the lines created in the store creates direction. Also called "walks" leads the costumer around the store. The lines in the shoes wrap around the foot and ankle allowing direction to be pointed toward the leg.

In this image the lines in the back of the dress are alot like the lines in the railroad sign. Diagonal and horizontal lines creating flow and direction.

Implied lines do not actually exist in space. But we see them because of the visual process. In these images the buttons down the jacket and the drops down the leaf allows our mind to fill in the blanks, creating an invisible line.

These images represent horizontal and vertical lines. Horizontal usually meaning to appear calm, while vertical lines are more assertive and denote growth and strength.

These images represent hard structured lines. Lines with definition and points. Uniformity along the lengths.

In this image is an example of delicate, curved flowing lines. Diagonal lines imply movement or action. This is also and example where expressiveness complements the product.

This is an example of Contour lines, which are lines we draw to record boundaries we perceive in 3-D forms.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Location, Location

Back home i visited our local grocery store. I noticed somethings about its location. Location is everything for a business. Location decisions have strategic importance because they can help to develop sustainable competitive advantage. The grocery store is a food lion. Its located in a small shopping center like a little strip mall. There is a movie gallery, cvs, zeno restaurant, a small clothing store for women, and a bargin store kind of like a dollar general. This is the grocery store my parents always go to. I dont think for no particular reason just that its closer to our home. We live in a small town there are two grocery store. I think the food lion is in a good place for location. Also in close surroundings is a small doctors office, a bank, small hotel, and a convenient store. This is a very good setting for a grocery store and good for their business. This is the last thing you go buy when leaving town. So most people when they are on the way home may stop here for something last minute. Also being by the bank its very convenient for someone who maybe just can to town to get money and randomly thought of something they needed. With the restaurant close maybe while you are eating you think of something you needed or may need later. Also with the cvs being close you may think wouldnt be a good thing but cvs can be quite expensive with somethings. Its a place you may go for one thing no a abunch of groceries, and there is a pharmacy located inside the cvs. Maybe you need to pick up a perscription and groceries. This can all be done in one stop because everything is so close together, you can park once and walk. Making the trip less costly for gas also. There arent really any new advancements within these store because they have been there so long I doesnt really hurt there business because the town is so small its really not something that they are used to. Most people who shop here are going in for their weekly grocery shop where they get things that last a while.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Many stores today are stuggling with business due to the decling of the economy. Stores like Sharp, Claire's, Goody's, and more are all dealing with the hardship of keeping up there business. Many of the businesses filed for bankruptcy or completely shut down their stores.

Linens N' Things filed for chapter 11 backruptcy in May 2008. Which means when a business is unable to service its debt or pay its creditors, the business or its creditors can file with a federal bankruptcy court for protection under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11. In Chapter 11, most of the time the debtor remains in control of its business operations as a debtor in possession and is subject to the oversight and jurisdiction of the court. After nobody was able to rescue the home decor shop they are now going out of business. "It ultimately collapsed amid downturns in the housing market and the larger economy in general." - This is very understandable. People today, with the economy pushing itself futher into a recession, nobody is wanting to purchase a home. As stated about the housing market is down. Linens N' Things sold things such as sheets, pillows, designer bedding, bath accessories, etc. Since fewer people are buying homes today there is nothing to decorate or they either want to spend money on the neccessities. Like why fix something thats not broken, why bye somethine new if you don't really need it. This article says "Even if we never hit a classical recession, the consumer is in a recession," she said. "It may just be a mental recession, but as long as people are feeling fear, they're not going to spend the way they did before." I feel like this does play a major role in the way we shop and will continue to shop. Not ever knowing what is going to happen with the economy it makes you ver consious of what your money goes to now. People are not wanting to spend money on things for fun because they want to save for the long run. I have become very consious with how I spend my money for these reason. I also watch my friends and family members being very scarce with their earnings

Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Retailer

I would have to say the my favorite retailer is Forever 21. The store is just an all around great place to shop. It cheap, the clothes are very stylish, and they have a wide variety of style with jewelry, hates, belts, purses, shoes, you name it. If you are looking for a night out with your friends or just a typical day of going to class, they have all kinds of things to choose from. I love the fun and crazy environment the store has to offer. You walk in there and you know its going to be chaotic but what store usually isn't that has clothes cute and cheap all in one. I do have to say that the service in the store is not all that great and things can be hard to find but I'm typically not one to be bother when I am shopping. I like to do my own thing and just find what I find. I love going into the store to see what the mannequins have on and see what the latest creations are. I also love that the accessories and the clothes are seperate from each other. This makes finding things alot easier. And also shows their wide variety of what they have to offer. Forever 21 also has clothes for guys. So if you happen to be shopping with your boyfriend each of you could have that one stop shopping experience. Also I love that Forever 21 has its own website to order clothes online. Being from a small town I have to drive along way to get to one of the stores locations and that turns the shopping experience into not cheap. The online store has everything seperated from the New arrivals, to mens clothing, to forever21 specials, or you can even shop by outfit. They have the rocker look, classy, and even a preppy look. You name it they have it. They are very up to date on all their clothing and accessories. I like to try to keep up whats new also and Forever 21 allows me to do just that. And its "ALL" at affordable prices. Being the broke college girl that I am that is definitly one thing I look for in a store.

The best store I would have to say that I have shopped in was at a mall in Raleigh. The Forever 21 store located in this mall was HUGE. I just loved it. They had guys clothes, the accessorie section was huge and there looked like there was clothes for miles. I love to spend hours in this store. But they are also great for just a quick pop in if you just need a fashionable shirt or maybe just a sassy looking dress at a great price. Forever 21 is the place to be!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Challenges of the home fashion industry

Due to the economic crisis not many people are wanting to buy homes. They are wanting to save their money. Since the people arent buying homes as much today the real estate if suffering big time. In turn the home fashion word is suffering because with no homes being bought there is nothing to decorate, thus no rugs, pillows, couches, curtains, etc are being purchased. Since the family has already moved into their house they already have the things they need for it and arent wanting to buy new products because most tend to last a long time anyway. Also with the price of goods increasing families are not wanting to blow their money on things that arent of necessity. Even though we may love to decorate and buy the latest things now a days it better to save that money for what may come.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Lecture

I was very inspired by the guest speaker we had today. She was very ingformative and what made it better was the fact that she got her degree at UNCG. She seemed to be very pleased and thrill to be doing what she was just by the tone of her voice and how happy she was to talk about it. I really learned that you have to find that thing that interest you the most that niche. Trying new things and know people may get you that small connection you need to go further with you career. Listening to the thing she has done really made me thing about what i want to do because honestly I wasn't sure where i was going with this major. Fashion has always interest me and I love putting things togther and seeing what new designs are out there but was still scared that I might not get anything out of this major. But after listening to Elyse's lecture today totally inspired me to go out and find my niche. Try to open doors for myself and see whats out there for my career path. Starting early is the best way to go.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Usability vs Art?

What is fashion art or just for wearing? I think its definitly both. Whether you mean to be artsy with your clothes or not most of the time you are. When it comes to art its how most people express themselves, I know I like to. Your more than likely not going to wear something thats not comfortable to you, if your sad you will prolly not wear something bright. The art form of clothing refers to the shape, color, texture, how it fits the body, etc. Where as usability is the place or occasion the outfit is being worn. Either way you are expressing yourself. I like to wear things that are noticed that look good and fit my body type and make me feel comfortable. I know thats how most people would like to dress. I think the Milan fashion show were absolutely wonderful this year, they were edgy and some over the top very interesting to watch and analyse, they were very artistic but yet they had alot of things people can wear in everyday life and still feel like they are expressing themselves with that clothing style. I think its very important for the wearer to feel good in their clothing while still try to portray that feeling or that mood and the clothes in the Milan fashion show allow just that.