Monday, November 24, 2008

Challenges of the home fashion industry

Due to the economic crisis not many people are wanting to buy homes. They are wanting to save their money. Since the people arent buying homes as much today the real estate if suffering big time. In turn the home fashion word is suffering because with no homes being bought there is nothing to decorate, thus no rugs, pillows, couches, curtains, etc are being purchased. Since the family has already moved into their house they already have the things they need for it and arent wanting to buy new products because most tend to last a long time anyway. Also with the price of goods increasing families are not wanting to blow their money on things that arent of necessity. Even though we may love to decorate and buy the latest things now a days it better to save that money for what may come.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Lecture

I was very inspired by the guest speaker we had today. She was very ingformative and what made it better was the fact that she got her degree at UNCG. She seemed to be very pleased and thrill to be doing what she was just by the tone of her voice and how happy she was to talk about it. I really learned that you have to find that thing that interest you the most that niche. Trying new things and know people may get you that small connection you need to go further with you career. Listening to the thing she has done really made me thing about what i want to do because honestly I wasn't sure where i was going with this major. Fashion has always interest me and I love putting things togther and seeing what new designs are out there but was still scared that I might not get anything out of this major. But after listening to Elyse's lecture today totally inspired me to go out and find my niche. Try to open doors for myself and see whats out there for my career path. Starting early is the best way to go.