Monday, November 24, 2008

Challenges of the home fashion industry

Due to the economic crisis not many people are wanting to buy homes. They are wanting to save their money. Since the people arent buying homes as much today the real estate if suffering big time. In turn the home fashion word is suffering because with no homes being bought there is nothing to decorate, thus no rugs, pillows, couches, curtains, etc are being purchased. Since the family has already moved into their house they already have the things they need for it and arent wanting to buy new products because most tend to last a long time anyway. Also with the price of goods increasing families are not wanting to blow their money on things that arent of necessity. Even though we may love to decorate and buy the latest things now a days it better to save that money for what may come.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Lecture

I was very inspired by the guest speaker we had today. She was very ingformative and what made it better was the fact that she got her degree at UNCG. She seemed to be very pleased and thrill to be doing what she was just by the tone of her voice and how happy she was to talk about it. I really learned that you have to find that thing that interest you the most that niche. Trying new things and know people may get you that small connection you need to go further with you career. Listening to the thing she has done really made me thing about what i want to do because honestly I wasn't sure where i was going with this major. Fashion has always interest me and I love putting things togther and seeing what new designs are out there but was still scared that I might not get anything out of this major. But after listening to Elyse's lecture today totally inspired me to go out and find my niche. Try to open doors for myself and see whats out there for my career path. Starting early is the best way to go.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Usability vs Art?

What is fashion art or just for wearing? I think its definitly both. Whether you mean to be artsy with your clothes or not most of the time you are. When it comes to art its how most people express themselves, I know I like to. Your more than likely not going to wear something thats not comfortable to you, if your sad you will prolly not wear something bright. The art form of clothing refers to the shape, color, texture, how it fits the body, etc. Where as usability is the place or occasion the outfit is being worn. Either way you are expressing yourself. I like to wear things that are noticed that look good and fit my body type and make me feel comfortable. I know thats how most people would like to dress. I think the Milan fashion show were absolutely wonderful this year, they were edgy and some over the top very interesting to watch and analyse, they were very artistic but yet they had alot of things people can wear in everyday life and still feel like they are expressing themselves with that clothing style. I think its very important for the wearer to feel good in their clothing while still try to portray that feeling or that mood and the clothes in the Milan fashion show allow just that.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

my inspiration

I have always been into fashion. I love to watch the new things going in and coming out. I have sketched a few things here and there but never really a whole lot because I cant really draw that well. My inspiration comes from many things. I love to just look around and watch the things going on. Like looking at what colors I see most or which ones jump out at me most, or maybe it will be the street clothes people wear. Ever since I have been at UNCG I have watched the things people wear and how they are so different from the things I see back home. I have noticed such creativity from all the people around here. I think too they inspire me I see what they have on and notice how they arranged the clothes they are wearing and think as to how I could arrange that into a way I like or what I can add to that to make it something else. Putting colors and patterns together is something I like doing. A lot of time when I have clothes that have gotten too small or maybe I have a shirt that has a hole in it somewhere and I don’t want to get rid of it I will think of a way I can make it something else or make it wearable again. I like things that aren’t too tight fitting but still extenuate the body in a feminine way. I have been intrigued by the high wasted belts and the long or short flowing shirts. I think that there are so many ways you can style a shirt that way and add things to either dress it up or dress it down like with some jewelry and a light jacket to dress it up and maybe jeans and flats to dress it down. I like to use things that come off of other material like maybe it would be left over from something someone designed or something. I think there is so much you can to with just a small piece of fabric added to another. You can change it so much with just that small piece. Also another thing are prints I love for something to have a lot of print whether it be animal, flower, shapes, lines, etc I think all of these play up a design in making it a lot more interesting.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Organic and Environmentally Friendly Clothing

To be honest I have never really thought about the organic and environmentally friendly clothing. I knew that it was available and becoming more popular but I myself had never really said oh I want to go out and buy that or I want to know more about that. When we talk about conservation and eco friendly lifestyles a lot of that is placed more on climate change, pollution, water, wildlife, and farming. Most people font think about clothing as affecting the environment. The environment today is definetly not at good as it used to be. Global warming is getting worse and worse everyday and people are starting to realize just that. It seems that this “Going Green” thing is becoming very popular. I have even seen shirts and bags in the bookstore on campus talking about it. Fibers are gathered and combed to prepare for yarn making during the actual fabric making process. Since cotton is so oily in nature it takes numerous amounts of our drinking water and energy to clean the natural oils off the cotton fibers. Although the environmentally friendly clothing may be more expensive, I think most people will be willing to pay a little more to help save the world they live in. Now that I know a little more about organic clothing I am looking forward to seeing what different types of fashion they come up with.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Favorite Designer

I like alot of the designers they have today from the big designers like Gucci, Chanel, Betsey Johnson etc to the smaller ones like forever 21 or charlotte russe. The smallers ones are probably my favorite considering how expensive the others are. But I would love to be able to just go into one of those store and just go completely crazy. I would have to say that my favorite designer has always been Dsquared2. I have always loved that their designs are young looking but they are to young if you know what I mean. They are very interesting with their taste. Its always so unique. They have bright colors and also more sophisticated colors like the browns or blacks. I first realized who Dsquared2 was one day when I was watching America's Next Top Model. The models walked in a Dsquared2 fashion show at the end and I just fell in love with their designs. They had everything from jackets to shirts, pants, shoes bathing suits you name it and it was all so beautiful and exsquisite. I love you watch their fashion show because they are always so different and interesting. It really pulls you into the clothes and what is going on around them. I love the fashioin show from Spring 2008. I attached a few pictures fromt he show they are small and maybe hard to see.